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Donating Food to Charity

About Pantry Planters

Pantry Planters Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit established in 2022 by Tammi Madison that aims to end hunger one vision at a time in Osceola County & Central Florida by providing customized food distribution solutions to meet the unique needs of the communities it serves.


After a thorough consultation, Pantry Planters will provide resources, training and assist with creating a business plan for individuals to open sustainable food pantries, community gardens, hot meal food distribution services, drive-through food drops and other solutions to provide food to those who need it.


End hunger in Osceola County & Central Florida by educating, supporting and mentoring those with a passion to feed those in need.


To build a coalition of passionate community members, businesses, and organizations to create, implement and operate customized food distribution solutions to meet the unique needs of the communities it serves who are experiencing food insecurity.


  1.  Build a network of food distribution centers throughout Osceola County & Central Florida to end hunger through efforts in local neighborhoods.

  2. Create customized solutions to meet the individual needs of the neighborhoods served.

  3. Establish food distribution centers where they don't currently exist

  4. Help existing food distribution centers grow by providing resources, support and education. 

  5. Collect and distribute food, finances, and resources to support pantries.

  6. Connect pantries with opportunities for fundraisers, food drives, volunteer opportunities

Soup Kitchen
Food Box Delivery

Creating customized solutions to make a difference

Connecting businesses and organizations to offer emergency food assistance to those in need by: 

  1. Setting up a regularly scheduled non-perishable goods food pantry out of your church, business or organization.

  2. Partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank to coordinate and execute scheduled food distribution "drops" with food provided by Second Harvest.

  3. Feeding individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness throughout the community. 

  4. Providing children with food on the weekend and when school supplied meals are not provided. 

  5. Preparing and serving hot meals for those in need.

  6. Planting, growing & harvesting a community garden for distribution 

  7. Educating on proper food storage, food handling, & requirements.

  8. Connecting volunteers with opportunities to serve.

Next Steps

Schedule your FREE consultation with Pantry Planters to discuss your vision of ending hunger in your community. 


Pantry Planters will create a customized plan based on your needs and resources available and mentor and help guide your next steps to implementing your vision. 

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