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Pantry Planters Officially Opens FIRST Pantry in Kissimmee

Pantry Planters was pleased to open their inaugural Food Pantry at Life Church Kissimmee on Tuesday, May 10, 2023. Life Church parishioner and food pantry director, Joy Sizemore, officially opened the food pantry with a ribbon cutting. Through the collaboration between Life Church pastors, Jamie Stewart and Jonathan Gallo, Life Church Council, Life Church member, Mrs. Sizemore and Tammi Madison with Pantry Planters, Life Church will offer food distribution on the first and third Tuesday from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. Seeing a need for food distribution after traditional working hours, they will be filling a critical time for those on the edge of food insecurity.

Pantry Planters, Inc. was founded as a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2021 by former St. Cloud Community Pantry Director, Tammi Madison. Mrs. Madison brings over 16 years experience working with food pantries to this groundbreaking initiative. Additionally, Mrs. Madison utilized the services of a food pantry when changes in the law forced her family’s aviation to close and her family experienced food insecurity. Vowing to pay it forward, Mrs. Madison served the Saint Cloud Community Pantry as a volunteer for over 16 years, 8 of which were spent as the executive director. Furthermore, Mrs. Madison’s passion for canning and dry goods food storage offers a unique perspective to obtaining sustainable, affordable food.

During her time at the St. Cloud Community Pantry, she worked closely with Second Harvest Food Bank. She is highly qualified in the FDA standards and regulations required to open a food pantry.

Knowing first hand the challenges of feeding her family during a life crisis, fuels Mrs. Madison’s passion to find creative and out of the box solutions to ending hunger. When interested community members work with Mrs. Madison, she will listen to the needs and vision. She will then advise and assist them in the steps required to opening that food distribution location. Whether it is connecting a business with Second Harvest to coordinate a food drop once a quarter, or opening a full food pantry in a public location, Mrs. Madison will support each step of the way.

To get involved to open a food distribution location or as a community partner supporting the pantries, please reach out to Tammi Madison, or find more information at

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