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Testimonial: Donna Regn

Pantry Planters Food Drives

Hello! My name is Donna Regn and I am the Mercy Ministries Coordinator at FUMC in St. Cloud. 

We share the love of Jesus to those in need in our community. Mercy Ministries consists of meal preparation and food distributions through Bags of Love (nonperishable lunch bags, hot breakfasts TO GO) and Elmer’s Kitchen (Hot dinners TO GO).

We operate solely on donations. Members of other Churches in our community help on Sunday afternoons with Elmer’s Kitchen with cooking and meal preparation. Our Church also participates in cooking and meal preparation for Elmer’s Kitchen once a month. 

We have been able to give food boxes of canned goods and other donations to families and those experiencing homelessness in the St. Cloud area. Recently, we had 180 pounds of organic beef donated to our church. It is a blessing to have these fundraisers in the community and we are so thankful for Tammi Madison and her organization, Pantry Planters, for all they have done for us. They have provided many donations to our food ministries.

The Pantry Planters have organized and distributed food to our community through the following Food Drives:

#1 2023, New York Avenue Park 175 pounds donated and distributed to First United Methodist Church of St. Cloud and to Reach Out.

#2 October 15, 2023 Hastings Ranch and Farm at Yee Haw Junction donated to First United Methodist Church St. Cloud and Reach Out.

#3 November 11, 2023  Boy Scouts at Children’s Advocacy Center Osceola in Kissimmee. 2,100 pounds of food donated for the Boy Scouts Food Drive. 

#4 February 9, 2024 Osceola County Fairgrounds 300 pounds of food donated and 222 meals provided from the donations. 

Our volunteers also pick up donations from area restaurants to help with our Mercy Ministries. We are thankful for Brian, Janice, Rob, and Kathy. I am so thankful for those who pick up donations of food, for all the clothing, personal item donations given and for all the people who bring canned food donations to our Mercy Ministries. 

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